Presentation Schedule


Technical Session 1-1 (INTAN 1)

Session Chair: Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Norhaliza Abdul Wahab

10.40-11.00 1570924550 A Study on Correspondence Point Search Algorithm Using Bayesian Estimation and Its Application to a Self-Position Estimation for Lunar Explorer
11.00-11.20 1570924549 Research and Implementation of Simulation Testing Technology for Train Control System Based on Satellite Positioning
11.20-11.40 1570923867 Research on General Automatic Test Platform for Onboard Automatic Train Protection
11.40-12.00 1570931664 Sway Control of a Tower Crane with Varying Cable Length Using Input Shaping
12.00-12.20 1570935315 Influence of Thickness and Relative Permittivity of Triboelectric Materials on CS-TENG Performance A Simulation Study
12.20-12.40 1570933939 Numerical Study of Sensitivity Enhancement in Optical Waveguide Sensor Due to Core Diameter
12.40-13.00 1570940139 Research on Data Acquisition and Real-Time Communi-Cation for Intelligent Manufacturing Training Equipment Based on Model of Things and Intranet Penetration



Technical Session 1-2 (GRAND BALLROOM)

Session Chair: Prof. Ir. Ts. Dr. Zaharuddin Mohamed

10.40-11.00 1570921542 A Model Validation Method Based on Convolutional Neural Network
11.00-11.20 1570929151 Enhancing Face Recognition Accuracy Through Integration of YOLO v8 and Deep Learning: A Custom Recognition Model Approach
11.20-11.40 1570924685 Prototype Learning Based Realistic 3D Terrain Generation from User Semantics
11.40-12.00 1570915853 Enhancement of OWASP Monitoring System with Instant Notification
12.00-12.20 1570934768 Intelligent Decision Support System (iDSS) for Manufacturing Data Corpus
12.20-12.40 1570929660 Research on Digital Twin System Platform Framework and Key Technologies of Unmanned Ground Equipment
12.40-13.00 1570932171 Integrating Dynamic Limiting Mechanism in Electric Scooter to Mitigate Range Anxiety via SoC-Tracking Range-Enhancement Attachment (STRETCH)



Technical Session 1-3 (INTAN 2)

Session Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdul Rashid Husain

10.40-11.00 1570928238 Research on Matrix Factorization Recommendation Algorithm Based on Local Differential Privacy
11.00-11.20 1570924018 A Multiview Approach to Tracking People in Crowded Scenes Using Fusion Feature Correlation
11.20-11.40 1570929666 Simulation Design of Reinforcement-Based Migration System in Software-Defined Networking Using Q-Learning
11.40-12.00 1570933431 Research on Security Assets Attention Networks for Temporal Knowledge Graph Enhanced Risk Assessment
12.00-12.20 1570933695 Revolutionizing Plant Disease Detection with CNN and Deep Learning
12.20-12.40 1570934415 Synthetic Data Generation for Fresh Fruit Bunch Ripeness Classification
12.40-13.00 1570934431 MMoE-GAT: A Multi-Gate Mixture-Of-Experts Boosted Graph Attention Network for Aircraft Engine Remaining Useful Life Prediction



Technical Session 3-2 (INTAN 2)

Session Chair: Ts. Dr. Hazriq Izzuan Jaafar

8.30-8.50 1570934312 FPGA Based Accelerator for Image Steganography
8.50-9.10 1570933187 A Noise Transparency Approach for High-Precision Visualization of 3D Scanned Point Clouds
9.10-9.30 1570934614 Application of Artificial Intelligence for Maternal and Child Disorders in Indonesia: A Review
9.30-9.50 1570938836 Estimation of Remaining Useful Life for Turbofan Engines Based on Deep Learning Networks
9.50-10.10 1570942270 Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms in Vehicle Image Classification
10.10-10.30 1570929478 A Fast Algorithm for Satellite Coverage Window Based on Segmented Dichotomy
10.30-10.40 COFFEE BREAK

Technical Session 3-4 (INTAN 2)

Session Chair: Assoc. Prof. Nurul Adilla Mohd Subha

10.40-11.00 1570925212 Scattering Source Determination Using Deep Learning for 2-D Scalar Wave Propagation
11.00-11.20 1570934775 Control of Electrical and Calcium Alternans on a One-Dimensional Cardiac Cable
11.20-11.40 1570940261 Numerical Investigation on the Influence of Protrusion Height on Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Within Rectangular Channel with Nanofluid
11.40-12.00 1570926171 Enriching On-Orbit Servicing Mission Planning with Debris Recycling and In-Space Additive Manufacturing
12.00-12.20 1570933952 Stress Simulation of Polydimethylsiloxane-Coated Fiber Bragg Grating Bend Sensor
12.20-12.40 1570942271 A Survey and Analysis on Customer Satisfaction of Bitter Melon Supplement
12.40-13.00 1570940171 Research on Intelligent Manufacturing Training System Based on Industrial Metaverse



Technical Session 4-2 (INTAN 2)

Session Chair: Ts. Dr. Herman Wahid

14.00-14.20 1570928115 Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate (CDIO) Approach in Producing Wiring Projects for Domestic Electrical Wiring Course
14.20-14.40 1570928122 Students’ Digital Readiness in Vocational College for Industrial Revolution 4.0
14.40-15.00 1570933530 Ballet Gesture Recognition and Evaluation System (Posé Ballet): System Thinking, Design Thinking, and Dynamic Improvement in Three Versions from Laboratory to Art Gallery
15.00-15.20 1570924026 Convolutional Transformer Network: Future Pedestrian Location in First-Person Videos Using Depth Map and 3D Pose
15.20-15.40 1570934687 Use of Drone Flight Simulator for Bridging Theories of UAV Systems into Practice: A Pilot Study
15.40-16.00 1570936979 Analysis of Fuel Concentration Effect Toward Carbon Nanotubes Growth in Methane Diffusion Flame Using CFD Simulations
16.00-16.20 1570940508 A Study on Forecasting COVID-19 Diffusion
16.20-16.40 COFFEE BREAK

Technical Session 2-1(Online) 

Session Chair: Dr. Noorhazirah Sunar

Webex Link:

14.00-14.20 1570912205 Solving a Mobile Robot Scheduling Problem Using Metaheuristic Approaches
14.20-14.40 1570923664 Identification of First Order plus Dead Time for a pH Neutralization Process Using Open Loop Test
14.40-15.00 1570925065 Calculation of Stress Intensity Factors Under Mode I Using Total Lagrangian Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
15.00-15.20 1570928631 Attitude and Altitude Control of Quadrotor MAV Using FOPID Controller
15.20-15.40 COFFEE BREAK
15.40-16.00 1570928636 Stabilization and Altitude Tracking of Quadrotor Using Backstepping Controller with a Saturation Compensator
16.00-16.20 1570928933 Noise Analysis of Miniature Planar Three-Dimensional Electrical Capacitance Tomography Sensors
16.20-16.40 1570929452 A Preliminary Investigation on the Correlation Between the Arrival Time of Ultrasonic Signals and the Concrete Condition
16.40-17.00 1570929604 A Simulation of Single and Segmented Excitation in Electrical Capacitance Tomography System



Technical Session 2-2 (Online) 

Session Chair: Dr. Nur Najahatul Huda Saris

Webex Link:

14.00-14.20 1570916149 Real-Time Simulation for Controlling the Mobility of an Unmanned Ground Vehicle Based on Robot Operating System
14.20-14.40 1570929921 Robust Input Shaping for Swing Control of an Overhead Crane
14.40-15.00 1570930037 Optimal Control of Double Pendulum Crane Using FOPID and Genetic Algorithm
15.00-15.20 1570933347 SHADOW: Silent-Based Hybrid Approach for Dynamic Pseudonymization and Privacy Preservation in Vehicular Networks
15.20-15.40 Coffee Break
15.40-16.00 1570921154 Tapered Angle Microfluidic Device for Cell Separation Using Hydrodynamic Principle
16.00-16.20 1570934495 3D Computational Modelling of ctDNA Separation Using Superparamagnetic Bead Particles in Microfluidic Device
16.20-16.40 1570939041 Study the Effect of Acute Stress on Decision Making Using Function near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS)



Technical Session 2-3(Online) 

Session Chair: Dr. Mohd Saiful Azimi Mahmud

Webex Link:

14.00-14.20 1570934688 Up Sampling Data in Bagging Classification and Regression Decision Tree Method for Dengue Shock Syndrome Detection
14.20-14.40 1570924680 Atrial Fibrillation Detection Based on Electrocardiogram Features Using Modified Windowing Algorithm
14.40-15.00 1570933656 Parameter Study on the Use of Artificial Intelligence to Optimize Response to Unattended Bags to Increase Airport Security
15.00-15.20 1570934386 Improvement of Vision-Based Hand Gesture Recognition System with Distance Range
15.20-15.40 COFFEE BREAK
15.40-16.00 1570929880 WebGIS Visualization of Infectious Disease Clustering with a Hybrid Sequential Approach
16.00-16.20 1570934100 NARXNN Modeling of Ultrafiltration Process for Drinking Water Treatment
16.20-16.40 1570928604 Evaluation of Linear Imputation Based Pediatric Appendicitis Detection System Using Machine Learning Algorithm



Technical Session 3-1 (INTAN 1)

Session Chair: Dr. Norikhwan Hamzah

Webex Link:

8.30-8.50 1570935909 Scalable and Efficient Big Data Management and Analytics Framework for RealTime Deep Decision Support
8.50-9.10 1570935914 Advanced Computer-Aided Design Using Federated Machine Learning for Creative Design Processes
9.10-9.30 1570929457 Enhancement of System Network Based on Voltage Stability Indices Using FACTS Controllers
9.30-9.50 1570929464 Analysis of Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) Techniques for Load Shedding in Islanded Distributed System
9.50-10.10 1570940140 Smart Agriculture: Transforming Agriculture with Technology⋆
10.10-10.30 1570940383 Analyzing the Use of Scaffolding Based on Different Learning Styles to Enhance the Effectiveness of Game-Based Learning
10.30-10.40 COFFEE BREAK

Technical Session 3-3 (Online)

Session Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Ridzuan Ahmad

Webex Link:

10.40-11.00 1570940290 Ultrasonic Sensors in Companion Robots: Navigational Challenges and Opportunities
11.00-11.20 1570936199 Real-Time Crack Classification with Wall-Climbing Robot Using MobileNetV2
11.20-11.40 1570940372 A Preliminary Study on the Possibility of Scene Captioning Model Integration as an Improvement in Assisted Navigation for Visually Impaired Users
11.40-12.00 1570933140 Implementing Blockchain Technology for Accreditation and Degree Verification
12.00-12.20 1570933149 Factors Affecting the Digital Skills of Technical and Vocational Education Students
12.20-12.40 1570934577 Structured Teaching Using Drone Simulators for Students’ Confidence in Real Flight



Technical Session 4-1 (Online)

Session Chair: Dr. Nurulaqilla Khamis

Webex Link:

14.00-14.20 1570934618 Ensemble Differential Evolution with Simulation-Based Hybridization and Self-Adaptation for Inventory Management Under Uncertainty
14.20-14.40 1570940315 Convergence Study of Three Dimensional Upper Skull Model: A Finite Element Method
14.40-15.00 1570935896 Performance Evaluation of Evolutionary Undersampling and Machine Learning Techniques for Network Security in Cloud Environment
15.00-15.20 1570935911 Enhancing Efficiency in Aviation and Transportation Through Intelligent Radial Basis Function
15.20-15.40 1570940339 Comparison of Diesel and Green Ship Carbon Emissions with A-Star Route Optimization
16.00-16.20 COFFEE BREAK


* All stated times are based on Malaysia local time (UTC +8)