Fee and Payment

1.  Fee Category

      • Local participant (Presenter) : RM250
      • International participant (Presenter): RM400

2. Payment Instructions

      • The fee category is based on the person who will register and be presenting the paper. One paid registration allows for one person to present the respective paper.

Local Participant:


e-Commerce in UTM Portal is a facility provided by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia for our clients in making payment online with or without bill through MEPS FPX and credit card facility.

Tutorial link: https://youtu.be/KGtGqDSdVzw

e-Commerce link:


Search: CIM 2022

Processing fee per transaction RM0.50 for FPX

International Participant:


Flywire is an easy-to-use payment solution that provides international payers with a streamlined payment experience and saves institutions and their payers time and money.

Tutorial Flywire: https://youtu.be/yMpOoc5jOYY

UTM Flywire link:


Note: Paper-ID (for e.g. Submission 10, PAPER-ID is 010)

There is no processing fee for using UTM Flywire.

*No reimbursement once payment made.

**Proof of payment must be attached upon submitting the registration form (receipt of payment will be emailed to participant).